We’re a small business with big passion.
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The Team

Ron Robart

The Big Guy

Ron could build you the fastest Mustang you’ve ever driven. He could also build you some of the highest quality custom furniture you’ve ever seen. As the founder and operator of Robarts Custom Wood Creations, Ron’s passion for his craft ensures a professional product that will not disappoint.


Quality Control

A skilled tradesmen with years of experience and an eye for detail. If Ron managed to miss something, this little guy won’t let it slide.

The Process

The Farm

All of our lumber comes directly from our own private farm or other local sources. We have access to the highest quality walnut, hard maple, oak + more.

Every tree is harvested sustainably, producing as little waste as possible. We collaborate with local businesses to turn unwanted trees into beautiful custom furniture pieces.

The Mill

Once harvested, lumber is run through the sawmill and cut into planks.

Here our vision begins to take shape, and the materials start to resemble the products you’ll see in our shop.

The Kiln

All lumber must be thoroughly dried before it can be effectively used – this process can take multiple months at temperatures in excess of 160 degrees

Wood drying ensures the final product will have no mold, bugs, or any other organic material that can cause anything less than a perfect piece of custom furniture.

The Magic

Once dried, there’s only one way to make the best custom furniture: by hand.

Dried lumber is carefully shaped, epoxy mixed, and finishing touches are put on with a skilled hand and a keen eye.

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